New Book Day: A Developer’s Essential Guide to Docker Compose

As Developers nowadays we have a wide variety of Software components and Cloud Services to use. This was a scenario that we could not even imagine in the past. I still remember when we had to setup our Application Servers and Databases on top of Bare metal servers. This burst of computing functionality in the form … Continue reading New Book Day: A Developer’s Essential Guide to Docker Compose

Docker compose: run stack dynamically

I use docker compose every day for my local development needs.   During the day I might turn on/off various databases or servers thus I need to do it fast and in a managed way. Usually your docker-compose files contains the configuration for many containers, network, volumes etc. stack.yaml This works if you always want … Continue reading Docker compose: run stack dynamically

Docker basics: Docker compose

Docker Compose is a tool that allows you to run multi-container applications. With compose we can use yaml files to configure our application’ services and then using a single command create and start all of the configured services. I use this tool a lot when it comes to local development in a microservice environment. It … Continue reading Docker basics: Docker compose

Migrate your elastic beanstalk workers to docker containers

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk is one of the most popular services that aws provides. Elastic beanstalk comes with two options, the worker and the web application. The worker application consumes the messages from a sqs queue and process them. If the process was successful the message is removed from the queue, if not the message shall … Continue reading Migrate your elastic beanstalk workers to docker containers

Add ZipKin to your Spring application

If your application contains multiple services interacting with each other the need for distributed tracing is increasing. You have a call towards one application that also calls another application, in certain cases the application to be accessed next might be a different one. You need to trace the request end to end and identify what … Continue reading Add ZipKin to your Spring application

Use Redis GeoHash with Spring boot

One very handy Data Structure when it comes to Redis is the GeoHash Data structure. Essentially it is a sorted set that generates a score based on the longitude and latitude. We will spin up a Redis database using Compose Can be run like this You can find more on Compose on the Developers Essential … Continue reading Use Redis GeoHash with Spring boot

Gradle: Push to Maven Repository

If you are a developer sharing your artifacts is a common task, that needs to be in place from the start. In most teams and companies a Maven repository is already setup, this repository would be used mostly through CI/CD tasks enabling developers to distribute the generated artifacts. In order to make the example possible … Continue reading Gradle: Push to Maven Repository

Debezium Server with PostgreSQL and Redis Stream

Debezium is a great tool for capturing the row level changes that happen on a Database and stream those changes to a broker of our choice. Since this functionality stays in the boundaries of a Database, it helps on keeping our applications simple. For example there in no need for an application to emit events … Continue reading Debezium Server with PostgreSQL and Redis Stream


A Developer’s Essential Guide to Docker Compose The book takes the reader to learn the basics of Docker Compose through a microservice based GoLang application and proceed on a full fledged production deployment on a private AWS ECS cluster as well on Azure Container Instances using terraform. more The CloudStorageMaven Guide This book it the guide … Continue reading Publications