Open Source Projects

From time to time I have been involved on various open source projects.
I’ve listed the ones which you might find more useful in your day to day development.


A rate limiter based on the atomic rate limiter from Resilience4j. The key difference is that the atomic rate limiter gets the permissions assigned per cycle while the refill-rate-limiter will split the permissions in a cycle and gradually refill them. In an essence it simulates a token bucket algorithm however it uses the atomic rate limiter internals


BigQuery Storage API Connector

Contributed the BigQuery Storage connector to the Akka/Alpakka project. The connector utilises the gRPC api and  it’s built in streaming support as well as support for parallel reads.

InfluxDB connector

Contributed the InfluxDB Alpakka connector to the Akka/Alpakka project.

BigQuery Http connector

Contributed the BigQuery Alpakka connector to the Akka/Alpakka project.

Spring Cloud GCP

Spring Cloud Pub/Sub Subscriber Health Check

Added Health check implementation for Pub/Sub subscribers.

The subscription health indicator validates a subscriber’s health by checking the subscription’s message backlog and the last processed message.
A subscription’s backlog is retrieved using Google Cloud’s Monitoring Metrics.

Spring Cloud KMS integration

Delivered the spring GCP KMS integration to encrypt and decrypt data.


Google Cloud Storage input Plugin

Delivered the Google Cloud Storage input plugin for the Telegraf project.

Bigquery output Plugin

Delivered the BigQuery output plugin for the Telegraf project.


Apache Ignite

AWS Application Load Balancer Discovery

Providing support for the Apache Ignite AWS integration

Pub/Sub Data Streamer

Part of the Ignite extensions project.
Implemented the Pub/Sub data streamer for Apache Ignite. Pub/Sub users can consume data and feed them into an Ignite cache.

influxdb-java: Java client for InfluxDB


Contributed the Influxdb QueryBuilder, an implementation of an advanced query builder for influxdb.
The user is able to create queries by specifying the clauses like equals, non equals, containing, aggregations etc.


Contributed the InfluxDBMapper. By using the InfluxDBMapper the users are able to save and load data by using models only.
Check on github for more information.


The container-queue-worker projects aims to provide an easy way to migrate your elastic beanstalk workers to a docker orchestration system.
Implemented using scala, akka-streams and docker under Apache v2 license.

Check on github for more information.


The CloudStorageMaven is an open source project aiming to provide an easy way to host your java artificats on the cloud without having to set up a maven repository.

Cloud storage options supported:

Google Cloud Storage
Azure Blob storage

Check on github for more information.