Spring Boot and Micrometer with Prometheus Part 5: Spinning up prometheus

Previously we got our Spring Boot Application adapter in order to expose the endpoints for prometheus.
This blog will focus on setting up prometheus and configure it in order to server the Spring Boot Endpoints.
So let’s get started by spinning up the prometheus server using docker.

Before proceeding on spinning up prometheus we need to supply a configuration file to pull data from our application.
Thus we should supply a prometheus.yaml file with the following contents.

  - job_name: 'prometheus-spring'
    scrape_interval: 1m
    metrics_path: '/actuator/prometheus'
      - targets: ['my.local.machine:8080']

Let’s use the command taken from here.

Due to using prometheus on osx through docker, we need some workarounds to connect through the app

sudo ifconfig lo0 alias

We can use directly docker

docker run -v /path/to/prometheus.yaml:/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml -p 9090:9090 --add-host="my.local.machine:" prom/prometheus

By doing the above we shall be able to interact with our local application from inside the docker image.

So if we navigate to http://localhost:9090/graph we shall be greeted with our prometheus screen.
Also inside our prometheus container we are also able to communicate to our application which shall run locally.

So let’s give some time and see if the data has been collected. Then let’s go to prometheus status page http://localhost:9090/status.

We shall be greeted by the JVM information of our application.

On the next blog we shall focus on securing our prometheus endpoints.


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