refill-rate-limiter: A Resilience4j-based rate limiter

It’s been a while since I’ve been working on this project. It is a rate limiter based on the atomic rate limiter from Resilience4j. The key difference is that the atomic rate limiter gets the permissions assigned per cycle while the refill-rate-limiter will split the permissions in a cycle and gradually refill them. In an essence it simulates a token bucket algorithm however it uses the atomic rate limiter internals

Using it is very simple.
Import it using maven.


And use it in your code base.

        RefillRateLimiterConfig refillRateLimiterConfig = new RefillRateLimiterConfig.Builder()
                .limitRefreshPeriod(Duration.of(2, ChronoUnit.SECONDS))

        refillRateLimiter = new RefillRateLimiter("default", refillRateLimiterConfig, io.vavr.collection.HashMap.empty());

        boolean allowed = refillRateLimiter.acquirePermission(1);

Just like Resilience4j it also has Apache Licence V2.
It spawned from an pr on the Resilience4j, since the merge time took longer I made it available as a standalone implementation. It would not hurt if you thumps up on pr so it ends up to the place it belongs šŸ˜‰

A description of the algorithm can be found on GitHub. Benchmarks and integrations will follow.


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