Host your maven artifacts on the cloud using CloudStorageMaven

One of the major issues when dealing with large codebases in our teams has to do with artifact sharing and artifact storage.

There are various options out there that provide many features such as jfrog, nexus, archiva etc.

I have been into using them, setting them up and configuring and they certainly provide you with many features. Also having you own repository installation gives you a lot of flexibility. Furthermore docker has made things a lot easier and thus setting them up takes almost no time.

Now if you use a cloud provider like amazon, azure etc there is a more lightweight option and pretty easy to setup. By using a cloud provider such as amazon, azure or google you have cheap and easy access to storage. The storage options that they provide can also be used in order to host your private artifacts or even your public ones.

To do so you need to use a maven wagon which is capable to communicate with the storage options that your cloud provider has and this is exactly what the CloudStorageMaven project deals with.

The CloudStorageMaven project provides you with wagons interacting with Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage and Google Cloud Storage.

If you already use one of these cloud services hosting your artificats on them seems like a no brainer and theese wagons make it a lot easier to do so.

I have compiled some tutorials on how to get started with each one of them

Happy coding!


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