Testing Amazon Web Services Codebase: SQS

SQS is a que messaging service. The sqs client is based on http and polling instead of following a listener approach therefore it is easy to use mocking utils to mock its functionality. However there is an alternative closer to the actual service.

ElasticMq is a queueing system written in scala which is compatible with the sqs interfaces.

By issuing

java -jar elasticmq-server-0.8.12.jar

you have an ElasticMQ instance up and running on port 9324.

Since it is compatible with the amazon sqs you will use exactly the same procedure to establish a connection and send messages.

AmazonSQSClient amazonSQSClient = new AmazonSQSClient(new BasicAWSCredentials("",""));

SQS will definetely come in handy for any Integration tests or even unit tests.


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