Git repositories through ssh.

So you have an ssh server?
Great!!! Time to setup some git repos.

If you don’t already have a git user and git installed

sudo adduser -m git
sudo apt-get install git

You can use the git account either through normal password authentication or by using private and public ssh keys. Your choice 🙂

Then set up the repo.

cd /home/git/
mkdir mygit.git
cd mygit.git
git --bare init

And you are ready to go.
Open a terminal on your pc and just do

git clone git@yourserverip:/home/git/mygit.git

In order to share the project with other users you can share the project with a specific group, for example the ‘developers’ group.

chgrp -R developers gitrepo
chmod -R g+swX gitrepo

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